Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fatherly Devotion in the News

Today's Philadelphia Inquirer features a front page story about a very special father who lives with and cares for his son, who is quadriplegic, on campus at Temple University. The story is a true testament to the best in parental love and support of a child with special needs. Read it here:

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  1. Indeed this is a very touching story. Although fathers are often quietly in the background, stories like this one counteract the image of fathers as uninvolved. Men find it hard to talk about things we cannot fix or change, so male voices are often silent, yet most men care deeply about their children with special needs.

    Not every story is so dramatic. These stories also need to be told. It would be great to hear from other fathers and mothers who can tell about how fathers are involved in various ways.

    Also, a great Internet resource is