Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reflecting on Alternative Choices (Kate Altman, M.S.)

On Wednesday, after we wrapped up the workshop on positive psychology interventions for individuals with ASD, several audience members came up to me to ask about Alternative Choices and the services we offer. These were all psychologists who were interested in referring their patients to a practice that specializes in treating individuals on the spectrum. Unfortunately, a practice with this expertise is rare, so people are often very excited to hear about Alternative Choices. It feels good to be able to tell therapists, parents, and individuals with ASDs that I can refer them for help at a place that is well-prepared to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. The practice offers treatment not only for children and adolescents on the spectrum, but adults with ASDs as well; they also do comprehensive assessments to determine if a person should be diagnosed with an ASD (again, both children AND adults).

However, one of the main reasons I originally chose to contact Alternative Choices about doing a practicum there for school (which eventually led to employment) was not only the strong reputation for treating ASDs, but because it is also a well-rounded practice proficient in serving all kinds of populations and treating all kinds of diagnoses and issues. The therapists on staff do couples counseling, family therapy, individual therapy, and therapy with children and adolescents, and treat everything from depression and anxiety to trauma to postpartum depression (and much more). As a student and new therapist, I knew I would get a well-rounded experience. Now that I am often out in the community giving presentations, I am happy that I can refer people to a practice for a variety of reasons and know they will receive excellent care.

Interested in learning more about Alternative Choices? Visit this website and you can also call 215-592-1333 and leave a message so that someone can call you back to speak with you specifically about your needs.

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